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Working at getQueried

Vision and mission


The vision is that anyone in the world can launch a query, and get representative answers from any target population in twenty-four hours.

This will empower anyone with facts about people’s opinions and thereby serve to democratize knowledge about human development and attitudes across the world.

By providing this service, getQueried unlocks a huge potential for researchers, businesses, state authorities, media, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations.


In order to implement the vision, getQueried facilitates and motivates the exchange of questions and answers between people. We build a technical platform to technically facilitate the communication between a person with a question, and a group of people with answers.

But equally important, we also build the platform to motivate people in order to make surveys more fun and engaging. We believe this to be key to our success.

Team members


Steven Højlund

CEO and Founder

Steven has a passion for social science research and Big Data. He founded getQueried to enable anyone to sample, query and retrieve answers.


Christian Larsen

CTO and Founder

As the CTO of the company Christian oversees the technical development. Christian is the mastermind behind the algorithms that work behind the scene.

designer of q&a app

Asger Brunshøj

Lead Frontend Developer

Asger is our frontend developer for web, iPhone and Android. He brings our user platforms to life.

backend developer of q&a app

Per Valsgaard

Lead Backend Developer

Per is our backend mastermind and he has experience in Web development. He makes the data flow and the machine run smoothly at all times.


Core values

trustfull opinion pollsTrust

Trust is essential to the getQueried brand. Individuals, companies and institutions need to trust getQueried in relation to data protection, privacy, the validity of query results, and data security.

By applying and combining academic standards for sampling and new ways of motivating users, getQueried delivers high quality representative answers for the person or institution in need of an answer to important questions. Motivating people to answer queries is the key to getting valid answers. We cater in every possible way for our users and their continued value-added from our platform.

close look at survey questionsTransparency

Transparency creates trust. Transparency is important in a time where concerns about privacy is on the rise. getQueried therefore strives to be transparent in relation to the processing of personal information as well as the collection, and delivery of statistics for decision-making.

Ethics concerning privacy are rapidly changing, and getQueried stands for transparency regarding the processing and use of personal data. Thus, enabling users to delete direct personal identifiers, retrieving log files of the use of their data etc.

reliable census dataReliability

Reliability creates trust. The getQueried brand stands for consistent, precise, and objective data delivery for both users and paying users. We deliver what we promise in a completely automated function within a clearly defined scope of operation.

To deliver statistically reliable information to all users, we rely on automated quota sampling. With advanced statistics and algorithms we constantly improve our capability to sample our users correctly to deliver the most reliable and valid sampling to anyone, who wants to know what the population really thinks.

fair q&a conceptFairness

Fairness is a fundamental value for getQueried. We think that users of existing opinion poll platforms are not treated fairly. Obscure point systems, lengthy surveys, and non-responsive survey designs demotivate and discourage people from helping others with their answers.

getQueried is a reaction to this. Fairness to us is putting the needs of the user first at all times. If there is no one to answer queries, we miss out on a lot of knowledge about human living conditions and attitudes related to politics, ethics, products etc.

surveying is funPlayfulness

Playfulness is an essential value when motivating users to answer questions. Everyone is looking to be surprised, and entertained like in a good play. Life stops if we stop playing, and have fun. Therefore, playfulness is an essential value to deliver to our users.

We cherish playfulness internally as well. Work should be fun and engaging. We strive to remind each other about this even in the longest of working nights.

careers for internsOur culture

We are an ambitious team with a flat hierarchy and focus on creating the best solution. The team consists of experienced and determined members, there is always room for ambitious interns and students looking to be challenged.

Currently the team is multinational. Though born in Denmark, our ambition is to provide our services globally. For that to happen we need smart people from every corner of the World to join us.

Want to join us?

We regularly post jobs here. You can also send an unsolicited application
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